Generators are the most practical way to have enough power to run very high-wattage appliances like the air conditioner, microwave oven and of course power all of your 120-volt AC devices (laptop, tvs, etc.).

If you must have air conditioning when not plugged in, you will have to use a generator, and it will need to be capable of at least 3,000 watts.

Generators are a great option to add in addition to your camper.

You have a couple options with generators, either built-in or portable.

Industrial generators are relatively cheap and pride lots of wattage, but they are also big, heavy, and extremely noisy.

Fortunately, there are several low noise, camping friendly generators on the market today.

Generators can be fit to run on propane, or gas.

Equipping a generator will allow more remote camping while providing extended power for AC units, 110 plugs, and other electronics such as a microwave.

Power usage is another key factor when choosing an RV generator.

One downside to purchasing an RV generator over a portable generator is that portable generators are more universal and may be used for other purposes.

RV generators provide more power to RVs, which means that multiple appliances can run simultaneously.

Noise is another factor to be considered during the generator selection process.

Some camping and RV parks have noise ordinances.

Additionally, other campers may not be particularly happy if a neighbor’s generator prevents them being able to relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Finally, some generators come with all equipment necessary for installation and operation, while others require special adapters and connectors.

These additional costs should be factored into the overall price when comparing costs of generators.

If you want to get a generator, do yourself and your neighbors a favor and get one of the quieter models specifically made for RV use.

Yamaha and Briggs and Straton make excellent products which have good reputations for reliability and quietness.

Similarly, there are cheaper “knock off” brand generators on the market, but their quality is not up to the standards of the major brands.