Tie Downs

When you’re considering purchasing a truck camper a very important factor that you’ll want to include in your budget is a tie down system.

Most States (and insurance companies) require that you use an engineered tie down system capable of securing the camper to the truck.

Simply using nylon strapping and the trucks existing bed mounts is not an option.

There are many types of tie down systems that will range in price and stability.

We ALWAYS recommend a tie down system that is frame mounted.

Frame mounted tie downs are hands down the safest and strongest option available and are rated for all types of driving conditions.

Frame mounted tie downs mount directly to the frame of your truck (which is the strongest part of your vehicle) and have removable arms that extend out to where a turnbuckle can secure the camper directly to the frame.

Frame-Mounted Tie Downs

Frame-Mounted Tie Downs are the best choice for securing your truck camper. The patented design incorporates four independent tie down points that bolt or are welded directly to the truck frame to dramatically improve stability and handling. They are engineered to fit tight and secure to your truck frame with no loss of ground clearance. Most applications are no-drill. These tie downs are guaranteed to eliminate bed and bumper damage.

Frame-Mounted Tie Down Features

– Dramatic improvement with vehicle handling and stability and is the safest way to haul a truck camper (Prevents vehicle sway and camper movement in all directions)

– Avoid bed and bumper damage by attaching to the strongest part of the truck: the frame

– Maintain the value of your truck and prevent bed damage by avoiding drilling into your truck bed or bumper

– Provides safety, security and stability while on the road

– The truck camper tie down that mounts using independent tie down points that bolt or are welded directly to the truck frame

– Fast, no-drill installations securing your truck camper to your truck (100% no-drill for all trucks after 2001- Check your application here)

– No loss of ground clearance -Hidden design when not in use

– Vehicle manufacturer recommends that all full-height slide-in camper bodies be directly attached to the vehicle frame structure

– It is required that no addition holes be drilled through the vehicle frame side rail horizontal flanges » Details

– It is suggested that outrigger-type “L” brackets be attached to the frame’s vertical web to which the camper body can be conveniently attached » Details

– Lockable with Tie Down Locks

Bolt On Tie Downs