Towing With A Camper

Many people like the concept of a Truck Camper because of it’s ability to allow for towing their toys, such as a boat, ATV’s or horses.

If you intend to tow behind your truck and camper you’ll want consider that most truck campers are designed to extend out past the bed of your truck.

Some will extend out only a couple of inches while others can extend past the bed of your truck up to four feet.

Depending on how much your camper overhangs you may need a hitch extension in order to tow safely.

If you have minimal overhang and plan to tow a lighter trailer then a simple plug-in hitch extension would be a possibility.

For Truck Campers with considerable overhang and a heavier trailer a more robust hitch extension like the Super Hitch Trussed System would be a viable option.

Super Hitch